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About Us
serenity_lims is a Last Icon Maker Standing competition for the amazing film Serenity. Each week we will vote to decide which icons show the least quality until there is only one icon maker standing. Challenges may include screencaps, promo pics, lyrics, quotes, themes or specific scenes.
01. Please both friend and join this community before you sign up, so you can keep up with the challenges.

02. You much participate in every challenge until you are voted off or you will be disqualified. You are, however, granted the possibility to skip a challenge. Comment in the skip post whenever you wish to make use of it. Also check that post to learn how to earn an extra skip.

03. At voting time, you will vote for the least quality icon(s). You are voting someone OUT of the competition. This is not you personal opinion of the certain style, color, font, or icon maker, etc. To prevent strategic voting, you much include a critical and unbiased explanation as to why the icon you've chosen shows the least quality in comparison to the other icons in the challenge. If we do not find you reasoning to be sound we will ask you to expand on it. The number of icons you vote off change with each challenge so you much read the rules carefully before voting.

04. One or more icon makers will be voted out of the competitions after each round. If you cannot handle rejection, do not sign up. Anyone can vote, you don't have to be a member or a participant. If you've been eliminated, you're invited to vote in future challenges.

05. All icon submissions must fit lj standards: max. 100x100, 40kb, in PNG, GIF or JPG format. Follow the rules of each given challenge. Unless otherwise stated, no caps besides the ones provided, and you're encouraged to use stock photos, textures, brushes, gradients, etc. The icons must be submitted as a reply to the appropriate challenge post in the following format (with both IMG SRC and URL):


06. Please do not post your icons elsewhere until voting is completed. If we see your icon out of the competition before voting is posted we will ask you to take it down or your icon will be disqualified.

07. Each challenge will begin on Monday and end on Friday, the voting will go up either late Friday evening or some time Saturday, the voting will end late Sunday and the results announced before the next challenge is posted- every week will work this way unless otherwise stated by one of the moderators, beauty_untold and megathy27.

08. When you sign up, please make your subject line 'little soul' so we know you have read the rules.


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